Tone up

vibraxisVibraxis is also a vibration platform but with a unique difference. The Vibraxis vibration platform has a central axis with an oscillatory plate. This innovation causes one limb to move upwards whilst the other is allowed to drop. Allowing the body’s natural and functional shock absorbing system to operate. The forces are dissipated by the pelvic girdle lumbar spine and the thorax. Vibrations felt in the head are minimal and all exercises remain functional.

This revolutionary form of exercise delivers all of the benefits of other vibration platforms while remaining true to human function.

How does the machine work?

A 300-watt motor drives a belt, which moves a plate up and down. The plate is fixed over a central axis which makes it rock.

A microprocessor control unit determines the speed the plate rocks at as well as recording the total number of pulses and the intensity.


Speeds can be set from 0 to 60 pulses per second.

The plate travels 1omm on the outer edge 4 A countdown timer begins once the machine has started and is automatically set at 5 minutes. This can be change. to any time.

The machine starts at 36Hz. It can be altered to 40 or 44 by pressing one of the three present buttons or it can be manually adjusted to any setting up to a maximum of 6OHz. The automatic button will change the speed for certain random periods of time.